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poudre valley playboys


Josh Long is a wildly talented and creative musician who combines serious knowledge of traditional country, jazz, and rockabilly music with irresistible showmanship.

Performing both as a solo artist on guitar and vocals—and with various bands in Northern Colorado and beyond— Josh plays every note with joy and deep respect for the roots of the music.

Josh is an ardent rabble-rouser for vintage jazz-infused country music by the likes of Junior Brown, Django Reinhardt, and musicians you might not have heard about but who were part of the fabric of early country music. In Josh’s inventive, fluid picking which is sometimes fast but never frenetic you can hear the influence of musicians like Hank Garland, whose career spanned country, rock and roll (he played with Elvis in the late 1950s), and jazz. Josh’s style is also informed by Jimmy Bryant, longtime guitarist with Speedy West on Hometown Jamboree in the early 1950s and writer of “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line,” made famous by Waylon Jennings....

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